Day 0 – The Start

I am from the Philippines. I have lived and grew up in an urban and chic place called Makati. I live with my parents until the age of 16. I became an orphan (I hate to use that word) at the age of 21. I live with my brother but we have to be apart as I need to work abroad -Singapore. I am alone and independent. I feel melancholic sometimes and this will become my new home, I hope you don’t mind. My adventures and experiences were unique everyday and the idea of writing it will help me find myself or maybe you may find yours, too!


This site – Every Day will be my new outlet, my alter-ego, my sweet solitude. Here I will post a favorite “photo of the day” shot by yours truly, a quote from a favorite movie, series, song or a book. I will also share a story about myself on how my day went by for 365 days. See you around!

Unless mentioned otherwise, all pictures are taken by me. If you would like to use them for any commercial or non-commercial purposes, please contact me for approval.

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