Day 1: What Lies Ahead

To start a new month with your right foot, remember: never say NO if you want to say YES. Never say YES if you want to say NO

” – Paulo Coelho

Rush Hour; Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

Today’s an extremely busy day for me. My colleague who’s naturally bossy tend to shout at me early this morning so I wasn’t really feeling good about it. She’s pregnant by the way, so I know it’s just her hormones talking.

I feel like speaking to my boss about it though and also I want tell him my plans for the next two months but I chickened out again. I want to tell him that I want to study and to upgrade myself and yet I lost my mojo that I couldn’t speak nor open a topic. I will try again tomorrow. I hope I can.

I planned to go to church after work but a friend told me that the church where we both used to go for prayers is closed for renovation. I felt sad but then felt okay somehow. At least, they are doing something for it and I know I still have tomorrow to visit one.

How about you? How’s your 1st of October?

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